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Ande Schurr working on set of Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Ande Schurr on the set of Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I was inspired to learn the craft of Sound Recording from the BBC-trained Mike Westgate whom I met at South Seas Film School where he was guest tutoring. He was a great support in my early years and taught me the importance of diversifying and not remaining stuck on one kind of format.

Hence, I enjoy equally recording the sound on feature films, documentaries, TV commercials and TV drama. Each require a unique set of attitudes and satisfy different parts of me. 

For instance, documentaries bring a refreshing level of sincerity and a deep appreciation that we are doing something good in the world, whereas scripted dramas and feature films gives one the feeling of being in an orchestral ensemble; we each have our single yet important note to play within what can be a very large crew. 

In-between filming, I guest lecture at two film schools and write on freelancing and related film topics for Crewed Magazine & The Big Idea. 

I base my writings and reflections on the concepts of self-responsibility, emotional independence and respect that I continue to learn from my mentor, entrepreneur and author, David Samuel.

In the video below, I share some thoughts on Sound Recording with BK from Showtools:

I have recorded sound on 15 feature films, over 20 TV series & documentaries and over 100 TV commercials & corporate videos:

Feature Films & Dramas

2015 Hunt For The Wilderpeople (FF) Director: Taika Waititi. Producer: Carthew Neal, Leanne Saunders, Matt Noonan. Starring: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison.

2014 Born To Dance (FF) Director: Tammy Davis. Producer: Leanne Saunders, Dan Story, Jill Macnab. Starring: Stan Walker, Kherington Payne. Choreographer Parris Goebel

2013 Orphans & Kingdoms (FF) Director: Paolo Rotondo. Producer: Fraser Brown (Flying Fish/NZFC ‘Esculator’ support), Starring: Colin Moy

2012 Pirates of the Airwaves (Doco Drama) Lippy Pictures Ltd. Director: Charlie Haskell. Producer: Donna Malane, Paula Boock

2012 Amos Wake (FF) Director: Mardana Maygennes. Producer: Colin Day, Dot Kyle. Starring: Keisha Castle-Hughes, Shiloh Fernandez (the star of Evil Dead)

2012 Fantail (FF) Director: Curtis Vowell. Producer: Sarah Cook. Funding: NZ Film Com. Starring: Sophie Henderson, Jarod Rawiri,  Stephen Lovatt

2012 Housebound (FF) Director: Gerard Johnstone. Producer: Luke Sharpe. Funding: NZ Film Com. Starring: Morgana O’Reilly, Rima Te Wiata, Cameron Rhodes, Ryan Lampp

2011 Timeslow (FF) Director: Sally Tran. Producer: Owen Hughs. Funding: NZ Film Com. Starring: Carl Bland, Antonia Prebble, Todd Emerson.

2011 Last Strike (FF) Director: Adam Luxton, Jeremy Dumble. Producer: Gayle Hogan. Starring: Morgana O’Reilly, Emmett Skilton, Niamh Peren.

2010 Curry Munchers (FF) Director: Cristobal Araus Lobos. Producer: Raj Naidu. Starring: Rajeev Varma, Tarun Mohanbhai, Raj Naidu. 2010 Wound (FF) Director: David Blyth. Producer: Andrew Beattie. Starring: Kate O'Rourke.

2009 ICE (2-part TV mini-series, UK) Director: Nick Copus. Producer: Riccardo Pellizzeri. Starring: Richard Roxburgh, Sam Neil.  Main unit Mixer (Wanaka, NZ) and 2nd unit mixer (Auckland) under Chris Giles.

2009 Russian Snark (FF) Director: Stephen Sinclair. Prod: Liz DiFiore. Starring: Stephen Papps, Elena Stejko.

2008 Kiss me Deadly (TV, USA) Director: Ron Oliver. Producer: Dale G. Bradley. Starring: Shannon Doherty, John Rhys Davies, Robert Gant.

2007 Reckless Behaviour (TV, USA) Director: Donald Wrye. Producer: Dale G. Bradley. Starring: Odette Yustman,  Antonio Sabato Jr.

2006 Hugh & Heke (FF) Director: Reston Griffiths. Producer: Liz Difiore. Starring: Pete Smith, Geoff Dolan.

Television Series

2016 World Wide Vet: Presentation shoot in Fiji with Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown. Director Mike Aho, Producer Lyle Smith.

2016 GRID. Maori Television's flagship youth show. Director Rudi Vodanovich. Producer Wiremu Te Kiri. *Ande shared sound duties with two other sound ops throughout the season.

2016 Topp Country: Season 3. DIVA Productions. Director Felicity Morgan Rhind. Producer Arani Cuthbert. *Ande filled-in for main sound op Nigel Gordon-Crosby for a total of six days during Season 3.

2015-2016  ‘The Moe Show: Season 2-3. Popup Workshop. Executive Producer: Jeremy Dillon.

2014 ‘Family First’, Video Life. Director: Nick Hitchins. Producer: Jonathan Warner

2014 ‘Pukana’, Cincocine. Director: Whata Flavell. Producers: Matai Smith, Marama Gardner. (fill-in recordist on bigger shoots)

2013 ‘Bear Grylls, Get Out Alive’ NBC. Director: Matt Valentine. Producers: Tom Shelly & Doug McCallie (shot on location in Wanaka, NZ)

2013 ‘Iti Kahurangi’ Velvet Stone Media. Director: Ramon Te Waka. Producers: Lara Northcroft (doco showcasing Maori high achievers)

2012 The Erin Simpson Show. Whitebait TV. TV2. Director/Producer: Penny Watson.

2012 Is Modern Medicine Killing You? Eyeworks. TVNZ. Director: Michele Simpson. Producer: Janice Finn. EP: Maria Handas 2011 Hounds. The Down Low Concept, for TV3 Directors: Jarrod Holt, Ryan Hutchings and Nigel McCulloch. Camera Pickups: Simon Raby. (I was a pickups recordist)

2010 Master Chef. Imagination TV, TVNZ. Producer: Bettina Hollings. Director: Darryl McEwen. DoP: Mark Chamberlin.

2010 Extraordinary Kiwis. Execam, Prime TV. Producer: Jim Greenhough.

2009   A Night at The Classic. Two Heads. TV3.   Director: Josh Thomson. Producer: Nick Ward. DoP: Dave Cameron.

2008 The Bachelor. ABC, season 12. Producer Mike Fleiss. Shared sound role on grand final, Bay of Islands, NZ.

2008 The Kitchen Job. Top Shelf Productions, TV3 Director: Dayahn Cornelius. Producer: Emma White. Camera: Bevan Crothers.

2008 Emergency Heroes. Ninox, TV3. Director:  Howard Taylor, Amy Rountree, Michael Huddleston. Producer: David Baldock.. Camera: Ryan Heron. NB: Co-recordist


2016 Animal Planet. Presentation shoot in Fiji. Core Media Group

2013 Shark, BBC Natural History Unit. Director: Cathy Clarke. Producer Anuschka Schofield

2011 Drugs Inc., National Geographic. Wall To Wall Media Ltd (UK). Director: Krishna Govender. Producer: Minna Sedmakov.  (The most popular crime documentary series ever for Nat Geo)

2011 German ZDF, NZ Immigration Stories & EPK crew for German Film Company’s: “Whiskey Island” & “Duncan's Lady ”. Director: Biggi Seybold, Camera: Jan Steffen.

2011 Animal Academy, Whitebait TV: 'Lions, Eels, Glow Worms' & ‘'Tauranga Bird Recovery Program after the Oil Spill'. Director: Scott Hindman. Producer: Tracey Geddes.

2011 Hearts in Crafts, Whitebait TV: 'The Boiler Room' & 'Miranda Brown - Conscious Cloth'. Director: Lisa Morrison. Producer: Adrienne Anderson.

2010 Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet: NZ-Special documentary series including Cruising For Kakapo. Director/Producer: Barb Ustina. Camera: Brian Marlow. *reference below (Top 10 Lonely Planet docos of 2010)

TV Commercials

2014 NZ, ‘That’s Better’, Vero Insurance NZ, 1x60”. (Finch), Dir. Wade Shotter, Prod. Jimena Murray;

2014 JP, Suntory, Green Dakara, 3x15”,1x30”,1x60” (Curious), Dir. Nagai  Akira, L.Prod. Tatsuya 2013 NZ, ‘Yeah Nah’, Alcohol Advisory Council of NZ (EXIT Films), Dir. Garth Davis, Prod. Karen Sproul;

2012 NZ, The Warehouse, (Flying Fish) Dir. Dennis Hitchcock. Prod. Scott Donaldson;

2012 PL, Kasztelan Beer, Poland, (Joyride) Dir. Piotr Janowski. L.Prod. Anzak Tindall;

2012 JP, Gatorade, Japan (Curious) Dir. Kosai Sekine. L.Prod. Tatsuya Shimada;

2012 NZ, ANZ Bank (Exposure) Dir. Chris Clark. Prod. Craig Henderson; 2012 NZ, Instant Kiwi (The Sweetshop) Dir. Stu McDonald. Prod. Ben Dailey; 2012 NZ, Red Cross (Pure Productions) Dir. Jamie McKenzie. Prod. Matt Kerr;
Ande Schurr on the set of The Moe Show
Ande’s sound recording work is flawless and his manner perfectly suits each occasion. We make a show that requires Ande to deal closely with children, and he is always kind, patient and appropriate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
~ Jeremy Dillon, creator of The Moe Show, Pop-Up Workshop.        +65 90 526 526        Download CV