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Ande’s sound recording work is flawless and his manner perfectly suits each occasion. We make a show that requires Ande to deal closely with children, and he is always kind, patient and appropriate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

~ Jeremy Dillon, creator of The Moe Show, Pop-Up Workshop.

I'm one of the editors at Core Media Group, editing the Fiji shoot you guys did with Dr. Chris Clark. I just wanted to say thank you for making our lives easier in the edit. Everything was synced up, audio levels were great, no interference or any issues. Thank you again!

~ Luke J. Salewski, Core Media Group, Los Angeles

Ande is always getting you everything you need in the most actor and crew-friendly way.

~ Leo Woodhead, TVC Director, Revolver

We've been enjoying Ande's professionalism and eye for detail (we describe him as an easy-going perfectionist) both on gigs at home and on the road. Not only can we count on him to do the best job, he's a genuine pleasure to travel with - I always cross my fingers that he's available when we need him.

~ Slavko Martinov, Documentary director, Christchurch

Ande Schurr is one of the best soundmen I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s so refreshing to work with someone who is totally committed to being the best possible.

~ Barb Ustina, Producer, Discovery Channel, Canada

Above all, Ande was vigilant in ensuring sound was of the highest possible quality for every shot.  

~ Stephen Sinclair, writer/director of feature film 'Russian Snark'

The quality of the sound and passion evident in Ande's work has granted him international attention and the acclaim of top industry pros. He is a rare talent, unmatched in the industry.

~  Minna Sedmakov, Producer of ‘Drugs Inc’ National Geo.

At all times during filming Ande was the perfect team player; pleasant, hard working, intelligent and extremelly capable.

~ Michael 'Hudsie' Huddleston , co-director of Emergency Heroes.

Ande is helpful, professional, good with children and gives great sound results.

~ Liz Garneau, TVC Producer

Ande’s work was exemplary, with his remarkable skill in recording dialog and sound saving us hours in post-production.

~ Ron Oliver, Director, ‘Kiss Me Deadly’, Los Angelas        +65 90 526 526        Download CV